Saturday, July 13, 2024

Premierato, Urbani: “This is a raw formula that has no future. Shared choices are needed” –

The former minister, Urbani, expresses his skepticism about the proposed reforms to the state, particularly the idea of giving the prime minister more powers. He believes that these changes need to be carefully considered and widely supported to be successful. He emphasizes the importance of finding common ground and negotiation in a complex political landscape […]

Rome, Fidenae massacre: Claudio Campiti to stand trial from today. Battle between experts on partial mental insanity expected

It is easy to predict that the defense will encounter difficulties, considering that the civil parties are already mobilized against this prospect. “My clients – anticipates lawyer Francesco Innocenti – Giulio Iachetti and Giovanni Betti, spouses of Fabiana De Angelis and Nicoletta Golisano, will vigorously oppose the route of Campiti’s mental semi-incapacity.” To stay updated […]

Estación Termini, las voces de los propietarios de bares y restaurantes. “Peleas, agresiones, robos: la noche aquí nos da miedo”

“Robberies, aggressions, theft: the night here scares us” Traders and saleswomen in the area coexist with violence, among vagrants and drug addicts who burst into the shops. “The vagrants spit on us, the fights are daily, in the evenings we are surrounded by drug addicts and dealers.” We have been robbed and threatened on several […]