Saturday, July 20, 2024

¿Existe la alergia al alcohol? –

I have heard that it is possible to be allergic to alcohol: is it true? Alcohol is toxic to the body and once it enters the bloodstream, it must be quickly metabolized and eliminated. The first enzyme to intervene is called alcohol dehydrogenase and it transforms ethanol into acetaldehyde, another toxic molecule. Another enzyme (acetaldehyde […]

Frío en las manos: ¿Cómo se puede saber si el fenómeno de Raynaud esconde una enfermedad de tejido conectivo? –

I am a 25-year-old woman and for almost ten years I have been suffering from Raynaud’s phenomenon in my hands and feet during the winter months. My doctor prescribed some tests, which revealed the presence of anti-nuclear antibodies and raised the possibility of undifferentiated connective tissue disease. What do you think? What are the necessary […]