Wednesday, May 29, 2024

After the tragedy: Gino and the idea of foundation, Elena’s return to Vienna

The dad has returned to his hi-tech company and is working on new ideas. “Surviving.”

And in the two and a half months that separate them from the darkness. His body was found seven days later not far from Barcis.

From the moment of his disappearance until yesterday, 12 weeks have passed. For weeks, they have managed their private pain as a means of opening a debate.

They “led” meetings and demonstrations. And the emptiness and absence of Giulia remained in the family home.

“This house, which until just over a year ago was too small, now seems so empty, so large, and dark,” she wrote a few hours before leaving again, in December. She never left, not even the month after her sister’s death.

She took two exams in those weeks. Elena has studied and lived in London, Finland, and now in Vienna.

“She has always made me feel close, present, even when I was miles away,” she said yesterday during her sister’s proclamation. She has started seeing her friends again, given a voice with images to the things that have always struck and passionate her: architectures, black and white photos, art.

In short, she tried to start living again. “Today, with my heart still heavy but with new determination, I want to confirm, as I had anticipated, my return to work – she had written on the professional social network LinkedIn -.

Your words and your affection are very important, a help to process the loss of my daughter Giulia.” It arrives directly in your inbox every day at 12.

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