Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Alesi: “Hamilton with Leclerc, Schumacher would never have accepted it” –

A brand that has made history in racing, linked to a champion of exceptional prestige. Expecting an electrifying adventure, renewed race after race, around which universal interest will be concentrated. Results, competitiveness, and discipline.

Strong and fair. Even though I am convinced that he will find new opportunities, given his qualities, and the prestige accumulated by racing alongside Leclerc. Speaking of Charles: I believe he is aware that he will be racing alongside a strong competitor, very strong in terms of intelligence applied to racing, and, in addition, gigantic if we think about his media value.

I believe Hamilton manages to overshadow anyone. On the other hand, Leclerc has the mindset and talent to play his own cards. Furthermore, let’s be clear, the issue of “lead driver” today is an argument that makes no sense.

It is no longer like in my time: for a team – any team – it is technically impossible to put different cars on the track when we think about how the chassis, the engines, are made. This is why I believe that it will be the qualifications, the races, that will dictate an internal hierarchy, which will make this high-level confrontation within Ferrari even more exciting, if possible. However, an additional consideration comes to mind, almost like a final remark: Michael Schumacher, as I know him, the way he thought and acted, would never have wanted Lewis Hamilton as his teammate.

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