Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Hamas claims responsibility for the attack on the US consulate in Florence with a video: 22-year-old Jordanian searched

The text discusses a situation in Florence, Italy. The first paragraph indicates the arrival of a second message from the same group on the Telegram channel of the Firenzetoday website.

This message has been sent via email to the Rai headquarters of Tg3 Toscana, the editorial team of Report, and the Firenzetoday website. The video, obtained by the Italian State Police and the ROS section of the Carabinieri, is in Arabic with Italian subtitles.

It is considered a serious situation by the Public Prosecutor of Florence, Filippo Spiezia. The authorities have initiated investigations and are coordinating with Eurojust for real-time information exchange.

The postal police are working to trace the source of the video, which is signed by “The whole world is Hamas.” The message challenges the Western propaganda about the conflict between Israel and Palestine and is being investigated by the antiterrorism authorities, who suspect the involvement of someone in Tuscany.

The text then discusses the activities of a suspected attacker, captured on surveillance cameras at different locations in Florence. The authorities are seeking to analyze more footage to track the individual’s movements.

The suspected attacker has been accused of throwing Molotov cocktails and is being investigated for terrorism. His employment details, living arrangements in the province of Florence, and the seizure of his phone are also mentioned.

The investigators currently believe that he acted alone and are not aware of any accomplices or logistical support. As a result of these events, security has been increased at American and Israeli targets in Florence, including American facilities and the Jewish temple.

It is evident that the prosecutors are still deliberating on whether to detain the suspect. The text also mentions the heightened security measures already in place at the Jewish temple following an attack by Hamas on Israel on October 7.

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