Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Matteo, dead at 28, and mom Sandra’s battle to retrieve his gametes: “He left them in the will”

After the death of Matteo, his mother is fighting to use his sperm for conception. In Italy, it is prohibited to use gametes for conception after the donor has passed. However, Matteo’s mother argues that it should not matter how she intends to use it, emphasizing that it was a way for him to preserve his fertility due to his illness.

She is even willing to take full responsibility for the decision. The legal representative for the family emphasizes that it is a matter of possession, not use, and they are confident that they will win the appeal in court. This case has sparked a legal battle, as Matteo had deposited his gametes while undergoing treatment for a lymphoma, and his family believes they have the right to possess them regardless of their intended use.

The legal intricacies of the case are being debated, and the family is determined to fight for their right to access the gametes.

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