Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Naples, from Income to Adi farewell to 99 thousand subsidies. INPS: but here (already) an Inclusion Allowance is paid every four in Italy

The text discusses the distribution of social benefits in Campania, Italy, particularly the Reddito di Cittadinanza (Citizenship Income) and Pensione di Cittadinanza (Citizenship Pension). In January 2023, 258,015 monthly payments were issued, with an average monthly amount of 630 euros. This was the highest in Italy, as was the total number of beneficiary families in the region.

The director of the metropolitan coordination of the National Institute of Social Security (Inps), Roberto Bafundi, provided these statistics. He also mentioned that in Campania, 103,870 out of the total 272,689 requests were approved, accounting for approximately 38% of the national total. There were also discussions about the rejection of approximately 20,000 applications, the need for further processing, and the number of approved applications in different areas within the region.

Bafundi also mentioned that the professional qualification courses linked to the Citizenship Income are underway, and that the potential pool of applicants for these benefits is expected to be similar to that of previous measures. He also highlighted the success of employment-related incentives, such as the Decontribuzione Sud, linked to hiring and the activation of incentives through ZES (Special Economic Zones). He emphasized the importance of monitoring the impact of large companies and the overall quality of employment.

In collaboration with the Campania regional administration, the National Labour Inspectorate (Inl), and the National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work (Inail), efforts are being made to reward companies that meet various criteria, including gender certification, safety, and social and environmental sustainability. Overall, the text provides insights into the distribution of social benefits in the Campania region of Italy and the efforts being made to support employment and reward socially responsible companies.

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