Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Ocho mujeres en su lugar adecuado: nuestro nuevo proyecto que desafía los estereotipos del patriarcado

The text discusses the new original format “A Capotavola” by Cook, featuring video interviews conducted by Angela Frenda and supported by Barilla. The interviews focus on the crucial question of the moment when women have felt at the head of the table in their lives, with whom they desired, doing what they loved. The format consists of eight episodes dedicated to remarkable women from various fields, available online every Wednesday for eight weeks on the Corriere website and social media channels.

The initiative aims to challenge the typical portrayal of the head of the household as being occupied by the “father figure” and instead offer a platform for diverse female voices. One of the featured guests is Eva Staizitta, known on Instagram as @Evastaizitta, where she discusses bodies that do not conform to societal standards, drawing from her personal experience after ending a toxic relationship. Another guest is Stevie Kim, managing director of Vinitaly International, who shares her story of personal and professional growth, promoting Italian wine through initiatives such as the Italian Wine Podcast and the Vinitaly International Academy.

The interviews dig into the personal and professional lives of the guests, addressing themes such as gender, patriarchy, and the stigma surrounding female bodies. Overall, the format aims to highlight the frustrations and victories of women while providing a platform for their voices.

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