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Atalanta-Lazio result 3-1: De Ketelaere show, Gasperini is fourth-

Bergamo saw Atalanta struggling for the Champions League: an unstoppable and overwhelming De Ketelaere from both the right and left sides of the area, dragging the Nerazzurri to a 5-point lead over Fiorentina and Lazio, now in ninth place. Sarri said, “The standings are important, and I have completely lost interest in the transfer market”; his team failed to contain the dominance of the Belgian, who is the top scorer for the Nerazzurri with nine goals this season, and they lost after five consecutive useful results. Atalanta had a total of nineteen shots, with Lazio only managing one on target, which was due to Immobile staying on the bench for a long time.

The Azzurri, after entering in the 19th minute of the second half for Castellanos, scored from the penalty spot and nearly scored a second goal that would have reopened the game. At 41′, Marusic touched the ball with his arm in the box and De Ketelaere showed character from the penalty spot. Lazio was nervous and at the mercy of the former Milan player, who provided a gem to the near post from individual action.

At the final whistle, there were fireworks at the Gewiss Stadium: it was the sixth consecutive home victory and the sixth in the last eight games. Gasperini’s comment on Atalanta’s 150th Serie A victory was, “The team believes in it.” *Corriere della Sera is also on Whatsapp.

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