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“Clarissa Da Costa: who is the woman who set her husband on fire in Nembro, the argument in front of the child, and the barefoot escape

The situation escalated due to alcohol. There had already been other violent arguments. “Sooner or later something had to happen.” He managed to extinguish the flames by jumping into the shower, but he has second-degree burns on 30% of his body.

She was arrested for attempted murder, anyway, due to the potential consequences of her actions. More than once, hearing them scream, we had called the police. However, in the past, there had been no such serious episodes. The same screams were heard on Friday around 10:30 pm.

“Shortly after the screams, I heard the sirens and saw the firefighters. The police also arrived, but the situation calmed down quickly.” They used to come to visit her sometimes, but I haven’t seen them in a while. They had recently moved to live in an apartment on the third and top floor of a building inhabited mainly by foreign families in the historic center of Nembro, overlooking via Garibaldi.

“In November, we hadn’t seen them anymore,” say the two neighbors, “they had disappeared for a couple of months. Then at the beginning of the year, they were seen again. “The family was not assisted by social services,” says Mayor Gianfranco Ravasio. “The woman’s condition, probably altered by alcohol, may have contributed to the escalation of the fight.

I used to meet him occasionally in the morning when I returned from the shift at work, I think he had some sporadic employment. She, on the other hand, I don’t think she worked.” The other person is from Bergamo, according to him, in the apartment to help the woman take care of the child. They were allegedly separated by their friends.

When it seemed like the couple had calmed down, one of the friends went out to eat a kebab. The friend who returned from the kebab shop accompanied her back home, where the police had arrived in the meantime. She is assisted by lawyer Marco Braga; tomorrow the validation interrogation is scheduled. It arrives in your inbox every day at 12.

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