Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Marilina Armellin, the First Italian Ambassador to Pakistan: “To women, I say: pursue your dreams”

Diplomacy in crisis with wars? I hope that in this country, Pakistan, there can be the same opportunities for men and women, especially for the many young women I have already met in the streets of Islamabad. I believe that an inclusive society like Italy’s can also show other realities that the foundation of opportunities for all ultimately enriches the community and not just a part of it.

I hope that being a female ambassador can serve as a model for many young Pakistani women and encourage them to believe in their dreams. Already at the end of high school, at the Pio X college in Treviso, I had developed this determination, which led me to enroll in the “pilot” degree course in International and Diplomatic Sciences at the University of Trieste. What did you inherit from him?

And then I believe the values of both my parents have influenced me, such as respect for institutions and a strong work ethic. I have maintained ties with Villorba, where my mother Bruna lives, my sister Mariacristina with her husband and my two nieces. I always come back, also for this reason.

And I have maintained relationships with childhood friends. In the last four years I have spent in Rome, I have participated in a “pizza party” with my elementary school classmates twice. So the Pakistani response, finally dialogue and understanding for de-escalation.

We have entered the de-escalation phase. Regarding the security of us diplomats, Pakistan provides us with special protection, considering the geopolitical context. The embassy is located in a diplomatic enclave.

A very large area of Islamabad surrounded by walls or fences, where the entrances are controlled by local authorities. Dialogue, the building of mutual trust always takes some time. I believe that diplomatic work remains essential because it is the result of a positive tension towards the peaceful coexistence of peoples.

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