Wednesday, May 29, 2024

School, Matteotti’s values. Here is the contest for adolescent students –

The Ministry of Education and Merit, the Giacomo Matteotti Foundation – ETS, and the Filippo Turati Onlus Foundation of Historical Studies have announced the ninth edition of the national competition “Matteotti for schools” for the 2023/24 school year. This competition is aimed at students in secondary schools and seeks to contribute to the remembrance of the politician Giacomo Matteotti, who sacrificed his life for the full realization of democratic values and principles of social justice and civil, cultural, social, and economic growth of the country. The ninth edition of the competition for middle and high schools has been announced, and submissions on the theme “The testimony and legacy of Matteotti one hundred years after his death” must be delivered by February 29. Students are invited to produce works representing their vision of democratic values and legality within the complexity of contemporary society.

Submissions can include texts for print or web (up to 5,000 characters), digital graphics, photographs, and multimedia products like radio or TV services, video, or multimedia audiovisual works (up to 3 minutes). The submissions should be in digital format and sent by February 29, 2024, to the designated email addresses. Winners will receive an award and a set of publications on contemporary history themes, as well as a €500 voucher for the winning school to purchase educational materials. The winners will have the opportunity to present and comment on their works at the official award ceremony, which will take place during the 2023/2024 school year.

All winners will be honored at an official ceremony, the details of which will be provided later. The prizes in publications are provided by the sponsoring foundations.

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