Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Mystery BUFO – Corriere della Sera

I had the opportunity to meet and interview him a few years ago during an event dedicated to sightings in Valmalenco, and I still have the memory of a very polite and reliable person in relation to what he claimed. In the RCS documentation center, we have all the photos taken by him in Milan, in the Trenno area, and of course the original copy of the Domenica del Corriere with the cover that Walter Molino, one of the magazine’s historic illustrators, dedicated to him. However, I leave it to Sabrina Pieragostini, a dear colleague with whom I have just shared the adventure of the book “I Misteri della Tazzina,” to tell us about De Lama: the text is also published on her blog, Extremamente. She had indeed formed a good friendship with Gaspare.

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