Tuesday, May 28, 2024

People and Dignity – Corriere Della Sera

The intermediate people’s court of the city of Linyi, in Shandong province, has sentenced Chinese human rights activist Li Qiaochu to three years and eight months in prison for “incitement to subvert state power”. The sentence will start from the day of arrest, March 14, 2021.

At the end of the sentence, the activist will be deprived of her political rights for two years. Amnesty International today published a study entitled “Defending the rights of migrants and refugees in the digital age”, which describes some of the key advances in digital technology in asylum request and migration flow management systems, and the related risks to human rights.

Despite new evidence of his innocence and the proven falsehood of the prosecution’s witnesses, a new dark page of the history of the death penalty in the US risks being written on February 28 in the state of Texas. At least twenty journalists were arrested today in Moscow during a rally organized on Red Square by the wives of soldiers fighting in Ukraine, demanding the return of their husbands from the front.

Among them are several foreign media employees: the American news agency AP (Associated Press), the Dutch television channel Nos, the German magazine Spiegel, and an independent French reporter. They were all released in the afternoon.

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