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China Executes the Couple Who Threw Their Partner’s Two Children off a Building –

In February 2020, it was discovered that Zhang and Ye, who were living together, had intentionally pushed their two children, aged one and two, from the balcony of their fifteenth-floor apartment. Despite initially trying to pass the crime off as an accident, the truth emerged in court. Messages exchanged between the couple on their phones revealed that the father had thrown the children off the balcony, while the mother had encouraged him, believing it would make their union perfect.

The couple had deemed their children a burden and obstacle to their future together. Zhang was ultimately sentenced to death for the premeditated murder, with the aggravating factor of particular cruelty, and the sentence was carried out in Chongqing, a metropolis in southwestern China. This case has sparked widespread public discussion on the death penalty in China.

A majority of Chinese citizens, as indicated by a 2020 online study, expressed support for capital punishment in cases of violent crimes. The execution of the murderous couple received significant attention, with many expressing unsympathetic and unambiguous views regarding the punishment. Additionally, there were references to other recent executions, such as that of Kenneth Smith in Alabama, to emphasize the severity of the crime and the corresponding punishment.

However, legal expert John Zhuang Liu from the University of Hong Kong cautioned that the online expressions of support for the death penalty may not necessarily reflect the true extent of public opinion. Published on February 2, 2024 | 17:39
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