Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Elena Fanchini, skiing at 3 years old, then the knees of glass. A champion until the end-

Ski champion Elena Fanchini fought against injuries throughout her career and later faced a tough battle with cancer. Supported by her family’s love for skiing, she became a successful athlete despite numerous setbacks.

Fanchini’s passion for the sport led her to win silver at the World Championships and inspired her to support children with cancer. Her family, including her mother who learned to ski at 30, shared her passion and all three sisters excelled in skiing.

Despite her knee problems, Elena had a successful career, but her health deteriorated when she was diagnosed with intestinal cancer in 2017. She bravely announced her new battle on Facebook and continued to face it with a smile, quoting Vasco Rossi on Instagram.

Fanchini’s love for skiing continued to give her strength as she fought for survival, even after a skiing accident that forced her to retire. Sadly, she passed away in February 2023, leaving behind a legacy of courage and determination.

Her sister Nadia remembered her concern for children with cancer days before her death. Elena Fanchini will be remembered as a champion forever.

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