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Mr. Rain: “I bring the stories of my fans to Sanremo. It’s the greatest victory” –

Mr. Rain, also known as Mattia Balardi, 32 years old, arrived at Sanremo 2023 as almost an outsider and came out almost a winner, conquering the third place with “Superheroes.” This year he returns with “Due Altalene,” a song that is the natural follow-up to the previous one.

“Superheroes was a collective song, not only because of the children’s choir that accompanied me,” he explains with a smile. “It was born from a dark period of mine, but it aimed to bring the theme of depression to light. Then it became everyone’s, with a power that even surprised me.

Before, at concerts or events, people asked me for a selfie or an autograph. After Sanremo 2023, they started stopping me to tell me their stories. It was incredible, each one left something with me.”

“Due Altalene” was born precisely from one of these testimonies: “A father who lost two children told me that he found strength in the moment of devastating pain even while listening to “Superheroes.” It was one of the strongest emotions I’ve ever experienced. I still get chills when I think back and talk about it.

It’s my greatest victory, the thing that pushed me to step onto the Ariston stage for the second year.” The rapper is competing with the song “Due Altalene,” after the third place in 2023 with “Superheroes.” He will be the special correspondent for the Festival for the Instagram and TikTok accounts of 7.

“Mr. Rain: ‘I bring my fans’ stories to Sanremo. Tension is normal; it is Italy’s most important show.

But I am very focused; I want to show another part of myself.” Irony comes easy: last year, thanks to the children’s choir, he always got to perform before midnight. This year he’ll be hitting the late hours.

“Yes,” he laughs. “But ‘Due Altalene’ is a different, more intimate song. What matters most to me is that the message gets across.”

“I am a very introverted person,” he continues, “I don’t like to talk about myself, not even to the people closest to me like my parents or my girlfriend. Music helps me to open up.” Mr.

Rain doesn’t like the label of a “good” rapper. “I’m in a genre that is often closely linked to certain themes or a violent and sexist language. That’s not my case.

Every form of art is an opportunity to make a contribution in the way that is deemed most appropriate. You are not obliged to follow certain patterns. As a child, I was a huge fan of Eminem, I tried to emulate what he talked about in his songs because I wanted to be like him, but in doing so, I made mistakes that weren’t mine.

Now that I am responsible, I don’t want this to happen to my fans. I am careful about all the messages I send; I have a very diverse audience, from children to grandparents.” Meanwhile, he has just left behind a magical year: chart success, the first concert at the Forum di Assago, consecration in Spain.

On March 1st, his new album will be released. With a large following on social media, he will also be one of the special correspondents at Sanremo for the Instagram and TikTok accounts of @7Corriere, where he will share his behind-the-scenes experiences. On the evening of Friday, February 9th, the duet night, he will perform with Gemelli Diversi and the rhythmic gymnastics butterflies, winners of the bronze in Tokyo 2021, with the song “Mary.”

“I strongly wanted to bring this song to the cover night, especially for the theme it addresses, because unfortunately, violence against women remains a topic that is still too current and not talked about enough. The Ariston stage seemed to me the right place from which to raise awareness among as many people as possible about an unacceptable behavior that must be condemned in every way and in every context.” Predictions on the winner?

“I am superstitious. I have many friends competing, and I don’t want to bring bad luck to anyone.” *Corriere della Sera is also on Whatsapp.

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