Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Kat Anderson, Who is the New Squire of the King: Charles Appoints a Woman for the First Time –

Her name is Kat Anderson, 33 years old, half Malaysian, and she is set to become the “eyes and ears” of King Charles, especially during overseas trips. The sovereign has chosen the Royal Artillery captain as his equerry, the first woman to take on the role. In Downing Street, she served as deputy to Sir Stephen Lovegrove and Sir Tim Barrow, national security advisors to Sunak, as well as “military assistant to the prime minister.”

Anderson now joins the team of Commander Will Thornton, 37 years old, a navy pilot leading the equerry group. By choosing a woman from an ethnic minority, Charles demonstrates the royal family’s commitment to being more representative of the entire United Kingdom and its population. Fecha de publicación: 4 de febrero de 2024 (actualizado el 5 de febrero de 2024 | 12:44)

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